How to live a happy life? Here are 10 Tips

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10 Tips to get Happiness in your life

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人生的终极追求就是有快乐的一生。也许是一口美味,一段笑话,一个微笑都能给你带来心里的安慰,带了内心的快乐。很多人觉得快乐是一种心理反应,其实它是一种复杂的生理反应,来自于某种刺激点。 随之而来的是两种激素,一种是多巴胺,虽然短暂却给人以兴奋的感觉,比如观看足球比赛,进球后带给你的立刻的兴奋。另一种是内啡肽,这是一种长期带来的快乐感受,比如你坚持每天运动,运动后的挥汗如雨给你带来心情的愉悦,长期以往带来的是长久的快乐。我们的人性,决定了我们有贪念,容易懒惰,想要不劳而获,想要获取到这世界最多的能量。反人性,让你体会到为人之乐,平淡且长久。所以我们要从获取多巴胺开始,从每天的小事做起,遵循自然界的规律,获取长久高级的快乐。
The ultimate pursuit of life is to have a happy life.Maybe it’s a delicious bite, a joke, and a smile that can bring you comfort and happiness in your heart.Many people think that happiness is a psychological response, but in fact it is a complex physiological response that comes from a certain stimulus point. Followed by two hormones, one is dopamine, which, although short-lived, gives people a feeling of excitement, such as watching a football game and the immediate excitement after scoring a goal.The other is endorphins, which are a long-term feeling of happiness. For example, if you insist on exercising every day, sweating like rain after exercise will bring you joy, and long-term exercise will bring long-term happiness.Our human nature determines that we are greedy, easy to be lazy, want to get for nothing, and want to get the most energy in the world.Anti-human nature, let you experience the joy of being human, plain and long-lasting.So we have to start with getting dopamine, start with the little things every day, follow the laws of nature, and get long-term and high-level happiness.

Here are some laws that trigger the happiness mechanism to make you a little happier every day.

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  1. 给自己列一个每日计划。 设立每日小目标或者计划会让你的一天更加高效,当你完成每一件你计划的事情的时候,内心会感受到满足感。成就感会带来多巴胺的快乐。短视频常常让我沉浸在其中,大部分时间都在不停的滑动屏幕,常常一刷就两三个小时,等缓过神来,才发现,自己并没有获取到什么有价值的东西,仍旧内心空虚。所以,掌控时间是获取快乐的第一步。
    Make a daily plan for yourself. Setting small daily goals or plans will make your day more efficient, and when you complete everything you plan, you will feel a sense of satisfaction in your heart.A sense of accomplishment brings dopamine happiness.Short videos often immerse me in them. I keep sliding…




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